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Womens Classic Waist Trainer


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Classic Waist Cincher

Stronger and tighter then the sports and does the job quicker.

The Benefits of the classic waist cincher:

-       Your midsection will appear smaller instantly;

-       It redistributes your weight to all the right places;

-       Flattens your midsection;

-       Strengthens core.

-       Improves posture;

-       Creates curves and the perfect hourglass figure

-       3 hooks for extra compression

-       Latex is stronger then sports cincher and restricts movement

-       Hooks are spaced out further the sports cincher.

-       Not recommended to be worn while working out.

Size Chart 

XXS   Your Waist 58-61cm

S       Your Waist 62-65cm

     Your Waist 70-73cm

L       Your Waist 74-78 cm

XL     Your Waist 79-84cm

2XL   Your Waist 85-89cm

3XL    Your Waist 90-99cm


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